Yacht Club Struggles With Extensive Repairs

Yacht Club West Elevation-WM

At last night’s Association Board meeting, Hector Dejesus Guerra from Karins Engineering Group delivered a sobering report to the Yacht Club Board and residents in attendance outlining some $10,000,000- $12,000,000 worth of repairs required to fix the ailing building.

“We’ve been working on this project for over two years” explained Guerra, originally engaged in 2011 to investigate water intrusion issues. After extensive examination and destructive testing, Karins identified the intrusion via failed sealants around sliding doors and windows, decayed stucco, improperly installed expansion joints, deteriorated pool deck planters, failed balcony railings, and balconies designed or altered with inadequate drainage.

Coming on the heels of a special assessment for failed HVAC risers and a contentious hallway renovation project that’s been years in the making, residents were left speechless. “How are we going to pay for this?” asked a concerned resident. Mark Kassis, the Association President, responded: “we’re going to try to finance this, and pay a little extra every month.”

By this author’s estimate, that would equate to approximately a 20% increase in the current monthly assessment, barring any special assessment.

Bids are due September 14th.